Coffeeshop Statistics

Types of weed / haze / hashish

Number of coffeeshops in the Netherlands

There are currently 576 active coffeeshops in the Netherlands , which are registered on Greenmeister. Because registering for coffee shops on Greenmeister is free and the many visitors to Greenmeister can easily complete missing information (such as the adding of a coffeeshop which is not yet on the website) it can be assumed that this number is correct or at least very close to the actual number.

The total number of coffeeshops in the Netherlands has been declining for some time. This is mainly due to the stricter enforcement of the law, which ensures that many coffeeshops are closed during inspections. In 1995 the Netherlands even had 1460 coffeeshops!

Number of different types of weed, haze and hash

Currently there are 2146 different types of weed, haze and hashish registered on Greenmeister.This number can be divided into 1143 types of weed, 307 types of haze and 696 types of hashish

Because not every menu in every shop has been filled in, the actual number of types of weed, haze and hash is probably a little higher.

The information above comes from the Greenmeister database and is automatically kept up-to-date. Everyone is free to share or use this information - however, a reference to the source ( is appreciated.



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