The 4 Floors

Eendrachtsweg 29A, Rotterdam



pinnen rookruimte gemakkelijk parkeren toeristen toegestaan De informatie is niet door Greenmeister geverifieerd.





Very bad experience here again, as I had several times in the past: - weed is fluffy - totally overpriced - and people working there believe they know everything... when they really don’t... much too arrogant for their real knowledge...


Wiet gehaald voor 15 euro per gram. Het was slechte kwaliteit gewoon luchtige wiet je kon het zo plat drukken, werd er nauwelijks high van. Ongeloofelijk dat ze zulke slechte kwaliteit voor zo'n prijs verkopen, er word duidelijk niet gecontroleerd op kwaliteit. Als je zo'n slechte oogst inkoopt en verkoopt voor 15 euro per gram is het gewoon oplichterij. Verkoop het dan met korting of beter nog controleer de kwaliteit en koop geen rotzooi in!! Ik kom hier niet meer.


Slechtse coffee shop in Rotterdam, idoot duur, matige kwalitiet, en wat mij het meest stoort, extreem onbeschoft personeel. Stoere bril dragende jochies die bijhand doen tegen mensen die je met U hoort aan te spreken. Nooit meer, afrader.


Very bad quality, a month ago I bought 2 pre-joints and they were both very bad. I didn't get high from them at all because the weed quality is very low and it looks like they used 99% tabaco. Also bought the overpriced (15,-) edible Bonbons which I was excited about, they come with 5 bonbons and the person who works there told me 1 should be enough to feel relaxed and with 2 you get so high that it might make you fall asleep. After finishing the last bonbon (the 5th one) I literally felt nothing and i'm still waiting for it to kick in weeks later haha. The service is good, but the quality is shit and its overpriced.


Kush I tried was excellent, others were average. The upstairs at 4Floors is great for a daytime smoke featuring big windows overlooking the canal that let in a lot of sun. I've noticed a lot of reviews comment on poor staff though I found them to do their job with minimal fuss. Check passports>take orders>hand over cash. I wonder if half the problem is tourists being rude or not understanding the etiqutte of these places? However at time of visit drinks machine was poor with little selection.