Double AA

Nieuwe Beestenmarkt 5, Leiden

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Good weed, friendly staff and good prices but no real smoking area. Pick up and go. New menu so some price changes and *does not* take visa debit *or* credit cards.


Nice selection of weed. i would stay away from the cheap strains though (that includes the 8 euro amnesia haze). Their AMG haze for like 11 or 12 euro per gram is pretty dope though. If you buy 5 gram you get 1 gram free, so this can save you some money and you just stash the rest for later. I may have bought something there in the past that i did not like, but that can happen when you test a new strain you have never tried and this can happen in any other shop.


Goede indicatjes


Redelijk shop met door corona wiselde menu met bijna altijt White widow op de menu Parking clos by undergrond on the lift its -7 flors you go round an round lol


Rare shop en slecht kwaliteit


Slecht. Meer woorden heb ik er niet voor


Matige wiet en weinig klantvriendelijkheid. (Ook als je er regelmatig komt). Je kan oprecht beter even 2 straten doorlopen naar het paleis.


One of those places I can never understand how they stay in business? BTW: The "menu" posted here is not accurate.